Pride Versus Humility -Derek Prince

Pride Versus Humility -Derek Prince

A Universal Law

Behind the topic of this book, pride versus humility, lies a law that operates throughout the universe. It is a law that affects every one of us—a statute that impacts every area of our lives. Probably all of us recognize that there are various kinds of laws that operate throughout the universe. We know there are physical laws, but there are also spiritual laws. Many of us are acquainted to some degree with the physical laws that govern our lives and that govern the universe—for instance, the law of gravity. No normal person today would step out of a fourth  floor window into nothing but air and expect not to fall. We easily recognize the physical law of gravity that dictates the results of such an action. You and I certainly would not expect to break such a law with impunity.
As a matter of fact, we really do not “break” God’s laws— whether they are physical or spiritual. If we go against them, they actually break us. This is true regarding our discussion about the law of gravity. The person who steps out of that fourth-floor window into nothing does not break the law of gravity. The law of gravity breaks him.