A Ceremony of Marriage – Kenneth Copeland

A Ceremony of Marriage – Kenneth Copeland

The marriage union is the closest relationship that can exist between two
human beings. When a man and woman decide to join together in marriage,
they should do so with full realization of their responsibilities. Marriage is
serious business.
When two born-again believers know it is God’s will for them to marry,
they come together before God, before a minister, and before witnesses to
join their hearts and lives for eternity. They make a public profession of their
mutual love and devotion, pronouncing vows and pledging their lives to each
other. As they pronounce the marriage vows in faith, the power of God goes
into operation and a miracle takes place. They are united by God and become
as one in His sight. Their union is threefold: They are joined together
spiritually by God, legally by the contract they enter into, and physically
when the marriage is consummated.


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