Deliverance-from-Alcohol By-Oral-Roberts

Deliverance-from-Alcohol By-Oral-Roberts

If You Need Deliverance from Alcohol Do These Things

I receive mail every day from people who want to give up drinking, yet they have never been able to do so. They honestly want to, but they don’t know how. Many have even come to believe that their situation is hopeless and that nobody really cares about their life.
Maybe you are one of those people. You may never have written to me about your struggle with alcohol, but just the same you may have been trying for years to free yourself from its death-dealing power over your life. Let me assure you from the beginning how deeply concerned I am about you and about the struggles and heartaches you are facing. I care about you. And I want more than anything else for God’s good to start entering your life today. That’s why I have written this message of hope for you. Even though you may be telling yourself that no hope exists, I know that it does. And I want to help you.


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