Saying A Prayer For My Parent That Are Aged

Saying A Prayer For My Parent That Are Aged

Using this opportunity to say a prayer for my parent. As a child to them, without taking care of them as it is expected of me, a prayer for them matters most now.

Putting a smile into their face through prayer, remembering them with prayer, it unfortunate that not everyone that have parents to pray for some either have lost one or both but nevertheless, if you have both or just one, a prayer for them goes a long way.

Remember when you were kids, your parents stood by you through prayers, they guided and nurture you with prayers and still to this moment, they still pray for because a parents prayer to their children never stop. Looking at the sacrifices they make praying for you at the middle of the night, while you are fast asleep. A parent’s prayer on their children answers and breaks any external attack provided the kid is humble and obedient to the parent.

As a kid to your parent, there is no much prayer that is needed you that God to keep them save, protected and healthy.

5 Prayers For My Parents That Are Aged

Heavenly father I thank you for giving me the good parent that conceive and give birth to me, nurture and trained me in the way of the Lord. I pray that at this stage of their life, you will watch over them than before, protect them and be with them, your grace and mercy will not depart them, I pray as they grow older each day, you will equip them with the old age strength they needed to keep serving you, I pray they will not leave your presence and your words will remain fresh in their hearth daily in Jesus name.

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God I pray that good things that their heart lingers for many years will be given to them in their lifetime, this stage is like becoming babies, I pray as they age, they will not misbehave, any attitude or behaviours that will affect them and any members of the family will not come upon them.

Lord God, the things they will to enjoy the remaining days of their life on earth will be given to them easily, hardship will be far from them, things they have gathered in their active years will not be destroyed in Jesus name, I pray God will bless e to take care of them, they will never have any regret about life.