Prayers For Good Decision Making

Prayers For Good Decision Making

2020 is a year we set a high hope on, a year we believe will be far better than 2019. When it comes having a good decision making in 2020 because for every individual that wants growth and improvements in certain areas of their life will not take this prayer likely.

At every different stages of our life, we make decisions and it is as important for our life, maybe on our job, businesses, family, finance and the rest, anyone who refuses to make a decision at the proper time when he should have may have his or herself to blame but it is only God that can help such a fellow.


Lord God,any decision that I will make in this 2020 that will hinder my progress or moving forward, father Lord,your power will not make to take such decisions.

As I look out for more other opportunities, your grace will help me make a decision that will make move forward in life

Each decision I take in 2020 will take me to my place of glory

Heavenly Lord, guide me always to know the right things to do at every stages of my life that requires good decision making

Father Lord, guide my thought in always

Help me to trust the spirit of intuition that you have given me as an aid for interpreting the signs that help me move forward.

Father lord give me the spirit of risk taking and the faith to trust and and try something new.

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