Biography of Pope Julius III

Biography of Pope Julius III

Pope Julius III (LatinIulius III; 10 September 1487 – 23 March 1555), born Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal Statesfrom 7 February 1550 to his death in 1555.

Julius III
Bishop of Rome
Julius III.jpg
Papacy began 7 February 1550
Papacy ended 23 March 1555
Predecessor Paul III
Successor Marcellus II
Consecration 12 November 1514
by Antonio Maria Ciocchi del Monte
Created cardinal 22 December 1536
by Paul III
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte
Born 10 September 1487
Monte San SavinoTuscany,
Died 23 March 1555(aged 67)
RomeLazioPapal States
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Coat of arms Julius III's coat of arms
Other popes named Julius
Papal styles of
Pope Julius III
C o a Giulio III.svg
Reference style His Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Religious style Holy Father
Posthumous style None

After a career as a distinguished and effective diplomat, he was elected to the papacy as a compromise candidate after the death of Paul III. As pope, he made only reluctant and short-lived attempts at reform, mostly devoting himself to a life of personal pleasure. His reputation, and that of the Catholic Church, were greatly harmed by his scandal-ridden relationship with his adopted nephew.[1]

Education and early career


Artistic legacyEdit

The pope’s lack of interest in political or ecclesiastical affairs caused dismay among his contemporaries. He spent the bulk of his time, and a great deal of papal money, on entertainments at the Villa Giulia, created for him by Vignola, but more significant and lasting was his patronage of the great Renaissance composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, whom he brought to Rome as his maestro di cappellaGiorgio Vasari, who supervised the design of the Villa Giulia, and Michelangelo, who worked there.source lumencandela